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Trk Title Author/Group Time Med Fi Hi Fi
1. Taphophobia Luay Rifai 1:47
2. Red-Skied Arabian Desert Luay Rifai 2:09
3. Razor's Edge Mike Cummins 4:48
4. Forever and a Day Mike C.
Jason E.
5. Nazca Jason Ellington 2:29
6. Two Thirds October Mike Messier 2:16
7. When the Rubber Hits the Road Common Ground 3:15
8. Doublewide Common Ground 3:56
9. Coup D'tat Mike Cummins 4:22
10. Unexpected Delenda Carthago
11. My Own Way Delenda Carthago
12. Under Your Spell Delenda Carthago
13. Same but Different Mike Messier 3:47
14. Revelation No.12 Mike Cummins 2:31
15. Vodka & Tonic Jason Ellington 2:15
16. Neptune Dreams Mike Cummins 3:32
17. Before the Rain Jason Ellington
Mike C

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Med Fi is 96kbps, about .75 to 1 megabyte per minute, or about 3 to 5 megabytes per song
Med-hi Fi is 128kbps, about 1 to 1.5 megabytes per minute, considered CD quality
Hi Fi is 192kbps, about 2 megabytes per minute, or about 5 to 10 megabytes per song

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