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Trk Title Author/Group Time Notes Med Fi Hi Fi
1. Galactic Reptilians Mike Cummins
Phil Smith
2. Watch Me Ethergy 3:54
3. Designed By You Ethergy 4:55
4. Turn It Back John Cule 2:50
5. Granola Suicide John Cule 2:03
6. Cold Load Steve Pyatt 1:57
7. Broken Wings Luc Poulin 4:26
8. One Sunday Wade Finch 3:39
9. I Will Die Young Luay Rifai 5:57
10. Drinkin Stout Steve Pyatt 2:01
11. End Of The World Arch Mott Rawfish 3:32
12. Gemma's Song Gary Gutter 2:57
13. Night Crawler's Blues Mike Cummins 3:00
14. Next Club Jim Kirkhoff 2:46
15. Sketchers Jim Kirkhoff 3:35
16. Revenge Delenda Carthago 6:27
17. The Prowl Cosman 3:35
18. Lobo Solitario Cosman 2:28
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