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Trk Title Author/Group Time Notes Med Fi Hi Fi
1. Dawn Of The Inspiration Mike C.
Greg C.
Tod R.
2. Blessed R Martin Earley 4:03
3. Waiting Tod Riggs 5:12
4. Lil Havana Nights Bill Jefferies 5:08
5. There Are Only Phantoms Mike Atkinson 4:10
6. Drown In Digital Jim Lundberg 4:53
7. Break of Dawn Steve Woodworth 3:24
8. I Ain't Playin Mark Dodd 1:55
9. You and I Mike C
Luay Rifai
10. Flying in a Purple Haze Thomas Pedersen 3:46
11. Southern Metal Freedom Floyd Morgan 2:03
12. You are The One Dave Ower
Thomas Pedersen
13. Asylum Of The Damned Bernie Dulieu
Dave Ower
14. Ride Leslie Perjes 5:00
15. Two Left Shoes Ferzad Variyava 3:58
16. Lunatic's Love Song Johnny Jaded 3:32
17. I am Reason Thomas Pedersen
Bernie Dulieu
18. Tandem Bernie F. Dulieu
Luay Rifai

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Med Fi is 96kbps, about .75 to 1 megabyte per minute, or about 3 to 5 megabytes per song
Med-hi Fi is 128kbps, about 1 to 1.5 megabytes per minute, considered CD quality
Hi Fi is 192kbps, about 2 megabytes per minute, or about 5 to 10 megabytes per song

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