Vintage Fender® Amplifier Price History

This page provides some eBay price trend information for a variety of vintage Fender® amplifiers up through the 1970's. The number of months of history varies depending upon when tracking started for that amplifier. Information is obtained from closed eBay auctions and is updated approximately weekly.

Note that the average monthly price table only goes back 16 months for brevity of display, but the data for the Model Year averages and Price Chart may extend beyond that date in the past.

Only amps that are regarded to be in very good or better condition and with no stated or apparent major modifications are considered in this data. Amplifiers that are severely worn (e.g., major tears in grill, tolex falling off, etc) are not included. Amplifiers with modifications such as new output transformers or circuit redesigns are also not included. However, same-spec part changes in capacitors, resistors, speakers, speaker recones, grill cloth, handles, cabinet, or tubes are included in the body of data used for these charts.

To see the price history of a particular amp, select the type and the model below.

NOTE: Due to the demands on pesonal time, as of 1 May 2010, this site will no longer be able to continue providing up-to-date data for the vintage Fender amp prices. Apologies for any inconvenience this may pose. The going prices for these amplifier can be dynamic, so please check completed auctions on eBay over recent time to determine some trends. For retail value, check the Blue Book of Guitar Amplifiers.

Price History by Month for Blackface Bandmaster (US Dollars)

Year Qty Avg Price
1964 17 569
1965 77 556
1966 75 549
1967 80 540
  4 years 249 550

NOTE: Trend is a linear fit to the weighted per-month average price. It only serves as an abstract notion of general direction of the data and is not to be considered a predictor of future vintage amplifier prices.

Month Qty Avg Price
2010-04 6 602
2010-03 6 615
2010-02 8 542
2010-01 6 539
2009-12 2 513
2009-11 13 600
2009-10 2 538
2009-09 7 518
2009-08 5 550
2009-07 6 523
2009-06 7 634
2009-05 6 516
2009-04 2 523
13 months 76 564
Home 146,079