Other Digital Multi-FX Modeling Products

There are a wide variety of amp modeling and digital pre-amp products on the market today to choose from. A few well known ones are:

Fractal Audio Systems' Axe-Fx. This is the top of the line of digital amp modeling systems.
Boss series of COSM technology based and other systems.
Line 6 has an impressive line of Helix and Pod family amp modeling products.
One of the original modeling units on the market was the Johnson's J-Station™. Download a J-Station Quick Reference Chart in Adobe Acrobat format.
Behringer, known for their decent pro sound product on a budget line, carries the V-Amp™ 3. This is the latest version of their older V-Amp™ 2 and V-Amp™ products.
Vox makes modeling preamp and effects units: the ToneLab SE, the ToneLab LE and the ToneLab ST (discontinued). In addition, this modeling technology is used in their Valvetronix line of amplifiers.
The Power Engine 60 by Tech21 NYC is a solid state power amp and cabinet combination that has been used by some players with their modeling pre-amps with some success.
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