Welcome to the CodeKinesis™ web site.

This site is dedicated to bringing you helpful information and links for guitar multi-effects and amp modeling, with a signficant lean toward DigiTech GNX series (since that's what I've had most experience with in multi-effects). On this site you'll find preset viewers for the DigiTech® GeNetX™ line of products, as well as music that has been composed and recorded by various DigiTech forum (RIP) users using these products. In addition, there are links and information about these and other amp modeling multi-FX devices that are on the market.

For those who like to follow prices on vintage Fender guitar amplifiers, here's some vintage fender amplifier pricing history that I've been collecting. You can find schematics, specifications, and other interesting information about vintage Fender amps at the Ampwares Guitar and Amplifier Knowledge Base, sponsored by Mojo Musical Supply.

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