Things related to DigiTech® GeNetX™

DigiTech Modeling and Multi-Effects Products

DigiTech made several amp modeling and mutli-effects products based upon their GeNetX™ modeling technology.

Preset Viewers

Download the GeNetX™ Preset Viewer program for Windows, version 1.1d [519,910 bytes]. You can use this program to view and/or print GeNetX™ patch files (files for GNX-1, GNX-2, GNX-3, BNX-3, and Genesis3 products) on your PC that you either downloaded from the DigiTech® GeNetX™ Sound Community, or that you created using the DigiTech® GenEdit™ program. It can also open GenEdit bulk dump (backup) files for viewing the entire list of user patches. It does not require a MIDI connection to the product. It is useful for manually entering GeNetX™ patches, or for keeping a printed record of your patches. Read the release notes for latest version information.

If you are running Linux or a Mac, and you have Java installed on your system, you can use the GeNetX™ Preset Viewer - Java Edition.

If you are running Windows XP Service Pack 2, you may encounter an error when attempting to run this program. See the Microsoft knowledge base article regarding Illegal System DLL Relocation for a possible solution.

These viewers are products of this site and are not supported by DigiTech®. Therefore, if you have questions or bug reports concerning these products, do not send them to DigiTech, but please click on the Contact item on the left of this page.

Also note that the viewers are not currently compatible with the GNX-4 product. The GNX-4 patch format is XML, so you may use any XML viewer as a method of examining the settings described in a GNX-4 patch file.

GeNetX™ Music

The GenX music CDs are collections of songs written and performed by some of the talented musicians from the DigiTech GeNetX™ Sound Community. All songs utilize a GeNetX™ product for guitar processing in some way.

Articles & Technical Notes

Unofficial FAQ for the GNX-2 (some applies also to other GNX units)
Unofficial FAQ for the GNX-3 (some applies also to other GNX units)
Adding Preset Up/Down Footswitches to the Digitech GNX-1
An Approach to Tone Shaping on the DigiTech GNX-3
The Book of Dar: Optimizing Your Sound

Some Old Firmware and Software Versions

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